is comprised of specialist and trainee Oral Surgeons

The Irish Association of Oral Surgery was established on 13th September 2014 in order to promote the specialty of Oral Surgery within the dental community and within the public in general. Its membership is comprised of specialist and trainee Oral Surgeons.

IAOS COMMITTEE: 2017 -2019

Dr Michael Freedman


Dr Catherine Gallagher


Dr Naomi Rahman


Committee members: Dr Niamh Boyle, Dr Paul Brady, Dr Dermot Murnane, Dr Justin Maloney, Dr Veronica Fisher

Constitution aims

To promote links with dental colleagues through the Irish Dental Association (IDA) and other dental specialists through their respective societies.
To represent Oral Surgeons’ interests and the interests of patients in discussions with Government Bodies and private insurance companies.
To encourage undergraduate and postgraduate training in the specialty of Oral Surgery through the Dental Schools and Postgraduate Committees.
To encourage research & audit in the field of Oral Surgery in Ireland