What is an Oral Surgeon

Oral Surgery is the specialty of Dentistry dedicated to the diagnosis, planning and treatment of disease, injuries or deformities of the mouth, jaws and teeth.
Oral surgeons are distinct from other dental specialists by limiting their practice to surgical treatment alone and undertake no general dentistry or treatments preformed by other dental specialists. In addition to their undergraduate Dental Degree, Oral Surgeons typically undergo three years of specialist training.  The Dental Council of Ireland maintain the Oral Surgery Specialist List. An Oral Surgeon can only be granted admission to this Dental Council of Ireland Oral Surgery specialist list after satisfying the rigorous requirements.
Treatments performed by Oral Surgeons include but are not limited to;

  • – Removal of impacted or badly broken down teeth
  • – Placement of dental implants
  • – Biopsy of an oral lesion
  • – Treatment of a dental cyst
  • – Management of dental trauma
  • – Exposure of buried teeth prior to orthodontic treatment
  • – Bone grafting procedures
  • – Treatment of the medically compromised patient.

While all dentists remove teeth, you may be referred to an Oral Surgeon if your dentist deems that specialist care may be required.