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Membership is comprised of specialist and trainee Oral Surgeons

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IAOS Membership and Current Course Payments

Only Oral Surgeons currently registered on the Specialist Division of Oral Surgery held by the Dental Council of Ireland are eligible for full membership.

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Since 2014

The Irish Association of Oral Surgery was established on 13th September 2014 in order to promote the specialty of Oral Surgery within the dental community and within the public in general. Its membership is comprised of specialist and trainee Oral Surgeons.

Constitution aims

To promote links with dental colleagues through the Irish Dental Association (IDA) and other dental specialists through their respective societies.

To represent Oral Surgeons’ interests and the interests of patients in discussions with Government Bodies and private insurance companies.

to support specialist education and continuous professional development of its members through regular scientific meetings, inter-disciplinary training days and collaboration with other representative groups within other dental and medical specialities

To encourage undergraduate and postgraduate training in the specialty of Oral Surgery through the Dental Schools and Postgraduate Committees

To provide Oral Surgeons with representation through the IAOS in discussion with government bodies and private health insurance companies

To promote links with dental colleagues and other dental specialists through their representative bodies

To encourage research & audit in the field of Oral Surgery in Ireland

To promote the development of Specialist Oral Surgery in Ireland

What is an oral surgeon?

Oral Surgery is the specialty of Dentistry dedicated to the diagnosis, planning and treatment of disease, injuries or deformities of the mouth, jaws and teeth.
Oral surgeons are distinct from other dental specialists by limiting their practice to surgical treatment alone and undertake no general dentistry or treatments preformed by other dental specialists. In addition to their undergraduate Dental Degree, Oral Surgeons typically undergo three years of specialist training.  The Dental Council of Ireland maintain the Oral Surgery Specialist List. An Oral Surgeon can only be granted admission to this Dental Council of Ireland Oral Surgery specialist list after satisfying the rigorous requirements.
Treatments performed by Oral Surgeons include but are not limited to;

  • – Removal of impacted or badly broken down teeth
  • – Placement of dental implants
  • – Biopsy of an oral lesion
  • – Treatment of a dental cyst
  • – Management of dental trauma
  • – Exposure of buried teeth prior to orthodontic treatment
  • – Bone grafting procedures
  • – Treatment of the medically compromised patient.

While all dentists remove teeth, you may be referred to an Oral Surgeon if your dentist deems that specialist care may be required.



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